Monday, October 10, 2005

Judy Miller's Pro-War Propaganda Is the Real Issue

Lots of commentary in the Progressive Blogosphere on the role of Judy Miller in the outing of a CIA agent. Some of the more interesting insights have been provided by Billmon.

Predictions were that this would be the Big Week...that we would finally hear from Fitzgerald. Seems unlikely since both Rove and Miller will be elaborating on their stories tomorrow.

While many are interested in the role Miller may have played in the outing of Valerie Wilson I am much more interested in the role she played as a scribe for the neo-cons during the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. It is now widely acknowledged that she was one of the leading pro-war propagandists.

I agree with David Corn and others who claim that Judy Miller has done more damage to the reputation of the New York Times than the more publicized case of Jason Blair. Miller not merely betrayed her profession. She betrayed her country.

What we really need is an independent investigation of the role played by the New York Times and other major news organizations in promoting the Iraqi War. This is not likely to happen.