Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush Talks About the Evil Doers

Just heard (on NPR) the highlights of Bush's speech on terrorism. Same old fear-mongering. I'm not sure if this kind of speech is capable of whipping up "patriotism" anymore. In the meantime Blair delivered a stern warning to the Iranians earlier today.

I have this feeling that if Rove or Libby is indicted by Fitzgerald we may see some action against against Iran or Syria. If it happens you will have read about it here first.


This morning Bush said that Iraq had become the battleground in the war against terrorism. Now, this evening we have word that some of these bad guys in Iraq are planning to come to New York next week to blow up the subway system. The Mayor of NYC and the Police Commissioner have been on TV telling people to be on the watch out. (It should be pointed out that the FBI have said that the information coming from Baghdad regarding this threat is "unreliable.")

Am I the only American that thinks this is another con job by the Administration?