Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bill Bennet Is Not the Only Right-wing Racist

Still blogging from the Irish countryside...

A lot of so-called media pundits have made good money in recent years peddling their right-wing racist views. Racist hate-mongers like Bill Bennett, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have been give a free ride by the mainstream media in recent years. These people are part of the “toxic sludge” dumped on the American people each night by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Cable News.

We shouldn’t tolerate having this garbage coming into our living rooms.

There was a time when the media led the fight in condemning the KKK and other groups promoting bigotry in our society. What’s happened? Why the timidity? Are they afraid they will be accused of left-wing bias?

The good news is that progressive bloggers are leading the fight for a society based on decency and justice. These include Daily Kos, Atrios, Steve Gilliard, The Huffington Post and Americablog. Of course BuzzFlash has been engaged in this fight for several years.

Time for the mainstream media to show some moral courage!