Thursday, September 29, 2005

BuzzFlash: Leading the Charge Against Right-wing Propaganda

This past week the progressive blogosphere has had several stories about the efforts of the right-wing propagandists to put their spin on the Administration response to Hurricane Katrina. As usual, the right-wing spinners are pursuing a “blame the victim” strategy.

Over the past month the progressive blogosphere has clearly played a lead role in countering this propaganda. And this counter-attack has had a major impact on the mainstream media.

These comments lead me to say that there is one on-line news source that has been leading a lonely fight against right-wing hate-mongering for several years. I’m referring to BuzzFlash. They were waging this fight long before some of us in the progressive blogosphere joined in the fight.

I first discovered BuzzFlash over two years ago while working on a research project. It was a most fortunate discovery. I immediately signed up for the daily reports that BuzzFlash provides to subscribers.

The daily updates keep me in touch with what's happening. They include links to articles as well as editorials and interviews. Great material…and it’s free!

I highly recommend BuzzFlash to all readers of this blog. The editors have a very clear agenda…and that is to promote a progressive political agenda. No messing around! No sucking-up to corporate interests!

Click here to sign up for daily BuzzFlash reports. And consider providing financial support for this valuable publication.