Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Do These Guys Really Give a Shit?

Want to know why this Administration is so incompetent? Read this post for insight. And remember it's our tax dollars that's paying these clowns.

Update: Here's good news for you Maureen Dowd fans. Click on this link to read her latest column. And you don't have to shell out any cash. Simply take a minute to register for the Star-Telegram.

Good News! My good friend, Ron Goodenow, just emailed me this link where you can get all the New York Times op-ed columns. And its legit. Ron also advised me to spell the capital of Iraq correctly!

CLARIFICATION: Read the comment below by Ron Goodenow for clarification on the newspaper site listed for NYT columnists. He points out that several op ed contributors, including Bob Herbert (my favorite) are not included.