Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What Does Looting in Baghdad Have to Do with Poverty In America?

Okay, this blog is supposed to be about issues of class, race and poverty here in America. You might be asking why I am even commenting on a story about the defense minister in Iraq making off with a ton of money. My understanding is that the US military is supposed to be auditing these expenses.

We now know that billions have been poured into Iraq...much of it ending up in the hands of thieves and crooks. And for what? In my simplistic way I think about what could be accomplished here at home with these resources in addressing the social problems that have come to light as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

My issue is about our national priorities at this time.

One reader commented on a previous post that the story of the billion dollar looting in Baghdad might not be fully credible since it was first reported in the Daily Mirror, a tabloid newspaper. As already noted, the Guardian has confirmed the story.

For more insight on this story read what Billmon has to say.