Thursday, October 06, 2005

Time to Consider our NEXT President

One night last week I saw on Irish television a re-run of an old documentary on the life of Robert F.Kennedy. I was reminded of why he's the politician that I’ve most admired since coming to the United States in the early Sixties. His passion for social justice stands in stark contrast to what today passes for political leadership.

Watching the Kennedy documentary made me think that what we now need is a President who is not afraid to advocate on behalf of the 37 million of our fellow citizens who live below the poverty level. We need a President in the White House who can restore respect for America around the world. Most of all, we need a President who appeals to the hopes and aspirations of all Americans – not their fears.

Do you see anyone on the horizon who might fulfill this role? Here's a short list of people I would like to see in the 2008 Democratic primaries:

Al Gore
Russ Finegold
Howard Dean
Nancy Pelosi
Gary Hart
Wesley Clark

Al Gore is my choice for President. He has the moral courage that was personified by RFK. You'll notice I haven't included any of those high profile Democrats who voted for the Iraqi war. Just a personal preference.

Post your comments - and let us know your choice for the next President.

Postscript: A MUST READ. In my opinion, this BuzzFlash News Alert tells us what we need to know about Al Gore.


Bob Herbert has a piece on Bill Bennett's stupid comments in today's New York Times. Only available to TimesSelect subscribers.