Sunday, October 09, 2005

South Asia Quake: Death Toll Soars Past 18,000

A powerful earthquake flattened entire villages, as it devastated parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Pakistani Kashmir seems to be the area most affected with over 41,000 reported injured. The death toll stands at over 18,000...but that figure is expected to rise.

I've been watching CNN coverage for the past couple of hours. Heart-breaking scenes of devastation.

The international community is responding. Condi Rice assured the governments of India and Pakistan that the U.S. government was ready to respond. Maybe our military helicopters in Afghanistan could be used to get emergency aid to some of those isolated villages in the mountains.

Anyway, I've been thinking that this is a good opportunity to show that our compassion extends to the Muslim world.


I've just heard the comments by President Bush from the Oval Office on the South Asia quake. Was pleased to learn that the U.S. Government will be sending the heavy-lift helicopters requested by the Pakistan Government. This is the kind of response that helps restore that good opinion of the USA.