Saturday, October 08, 2005

Introducing "The Week In Review"

Beginning this week, "The Week in Review" will be a regular feature each Saturday on this blog. The idea will be to highlight the one or two stories that have the greatest implications for American citizens.

At this time, as publisher of The Katrina Memo, I'll be responsible for this weekly post. My hope is to recruit someone else who would take responsibility for "The Week in Review."

If you would like to be the contributor for this weekly post send me an email at

This week I want to highlight the layoff of 3,000 city employees in New Orleans. My question is this: how can we pay millions of dollars to contractors in Iraq but can't pay the salaries of our brothers and sisters in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast? Why do politicians put the interests of Chalabi and his gang of Iraqi crooks before the interests of suffering Americans? It's clear that poor Americans don't count for much in Washington.

The employees of the City of New Orleans have already suffered greatly. Many have lost their homes. At a time when they are needed to help rebuild this historic city they are given pink slips. What a disgrace!

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