Friday, October 07, 2005

Is Bill O'Reilly a Pathological Liar?

Just for the record...I don't watch Fox News. And I never watch Bill O'Reilly. I decided long ago that this guy was a boorish obnoxious bully.

Fortunately some people in the progressive blogosphere are keeping an eye on O'Reilly ... and calling him out for his most notorious lies. Just a few days ago we learned how O'Reilly had insinuated that American soldiers were guity of a terrible crime of abuse during World War Two. Turns out this "historical incident" was a product of his imagination.

Now comes word of another story where O'Reilly invents history to suit his racist views.

On the October 4 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show O'Reilly equated trans-Atlantic Irish immigration in the 19th century to the historical enslavement of African-Americans and their forced removal from Africa. The Irish coming to the United States "had to leave the country, just as Africans had to leave - - African-Americans had to leave Africa and come over on a boat and try to make it in the New World with nothing." No mention of slavery.

This guy is a moron!! And a pathological liar!!

If you're interested you can listen to audio of his comments here.

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