Monday, November 21, 2005

Bob Woodward on Larry King show tonight...

John and his co-contributors at AMERICAblog are challenging the mighty Washington Post to come straight on the Bob Woodward story. They will be live blogging the Larry King show tonight - monitoring to count how many lies Woodward will tell in the course of the one-hour "interview."

Of course, Woodward may think of the chat with Larry as more of a gossip session than a journalistic interview.

Speaking of "gossip," my mind runs wild with fantasies about the kind of gossip that's exchanged inside-the-beltway in conversations between journalists and senior government officials. You are having lunch at the St. Regis with one of those government officials and he leans over and says, "Did you know that people are now raising questions about John Murtha's military awards?"

Where did I ever get the idea that people like Bob Woodward are interested in exposing government corruption and in looking out for the interests of the American citizen?