Thursday, November 17, 2005

Still finding decomposed bodies in New Orleans...

...on October 3 the search for bodies was called off in New Orleans. There was still many unsearched houses. On October 12, part of the Lower Ninth Ward, the most devastated area, was opened to residents for "look and leave." More than a few returned to find a body in the wreckage.

Residents of the Lower Ninth Ward will be able to return to what's left of their homes on December 1st.

CNN did a follow-up on this story on Tuesday night. Rusty Dornin reported that ten bodies have been found in the remains of the Ninth Ward since November 1. It's clear that more badly decomposed bodies will be recovered.

Growing up in a religious home I learned how important it is to honor our dead. What does it say about us a society that the search for bodies in the Lower Ninth Ward was abandoned? Does it have something to do with the fact that this community was mostly made up of low income African Americans?

I'll be flying to Louisiana on the day after Thanksgiving and will be able to report back on the reaction of residents.