Friday, November 11, 2005

Some Reasons To Be Grateful This Veterans Day

Just heard some stupid-ass military guy on CNN mouthing the same old crap about what we've accomplished in Iraq. The good news is that an increasing number of Americans are willing to question what the TV propagandists have to say.

There is other good news this Friday morning.
  • According to an article today's NYT, United Airlines is getting ready to hire 2000 new flight attendants
  • Without Tom DeLay to bully them the Republicans in Congress are loosing steam
  • The Democratic Party is showing signs that they might finally accept the truth about "the war of choice" against Iraq. This week John Edwards said his vote for the war was a "mistake." Hillary is still a hold-out.
  • Judy Miller has finally taken her leave from the New York Times. Did she jump or was the pushed? Saw her on Larry King Live last night. I think this woman might be delusional.
  • The Mid-Term election provided a symbolic victory for the Dems. I predict that the momentum will pick-up when the indictment of Karl Rove comes down. Just a prediction!
  • This past week both Bill O'Reilly and Pat Robertson made statements reinforcing the notion that each of them is an idiot.
  • Tony Blair is finally experiencing the wrath of the British people for ignoring their opposition to the war. His downfall is a disappointment... Considering how excited some of us were when he first became Prime Minister.
  • The New England Patriots are still in play-off contention!!

Have a good Friday!


This cover story in today's USAToday is about the travails of one family as a result of Hurricane Katrina. A reminder of the heroism demonstrated by many.

Update #2:

President Bush is on cable tv reminding all Americans about how much they have to fear from Muslim extremists. He is again reminding us that it's better to "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here." That may not be very comforting for those brave soldiers who are expected to fight them "over there." Earlier this week I heard a "terrorism expert" describe the occupation forces in Iraq as "The Coalition Against Terrorism." These forces used to be known as "The Coalition of the Willing."