Sunday, November 13, 2005

George Bush on the offensive...

ReddHedd writes:

"There are soldiers risking their lives and limbs every single day as a result of the decisions made by this Administration and this Congress. Every citizen in this nation, regardless of political affiliation, deserves to know how the decisions were made to send them to war."


In his Friday speech George Bush went after his critics. He insinuated that those opposed to the war were UNPATRIOTIC. He asserted that the Dems should share responsibility for the decision to go to war.

Bush didn't mention that the Dems were given a sanitized version of the so-called "intelligence."

Now I'm not defending the "dumb Dems" that gave their blessing to Bush's "war of choice." It seems obvious they should have known that this war was primarily driven by special interest groups who wanted to settle the score with Saddam Hussein.

The important thing is that those "liberal" war-supporting Dems are in a position to "repent." John Edwards has already acknowledged his "mistake." I predict that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden will see the light in the very near future.