Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday we launched the "WORST PERSON OF THE YEAR" poll and the response has been very positive. This is still just a two-month old blog and we are just beginning to build traffic.

Several visitors want to know what "rules" govern this attempt guage sentiment in Left Blogostgan.

Here's how it works. From now until December 15 we will have open balloting. That means that you can vote as often as you wish...and for as many candidates as you wish. You vote by posting a "comment." After we close the poll on December 15 we'll identify the ten most often mentioned "Worst Persons." At that time the top ten list will be published and visitors can vote again to identify the "Worst Person of the Year."

Come visit this site and vote as often as you wish. I will provide occasional reminders ...and updated lists on those who get nominated.

Who knows...we might get noticed by Bill O'Reilly and get listed on his "smear list." Remember the possibilities are endless! We already have about a dozen nominations and we are just getting started!

We will publish our "Worst Person of the Year" about the same time as Time magazine announces its "Person of the Year."

Coming up: information on a new poll that will identify "Best Person of the Year." It will be another opportunity for inhabitants of Left Blogostan to express their sentiments.


Lately, I've seen Bob Woodward all over television whoring for the Bush Administration. I was not surprised to learn last night that he was one of the original media gang involved with the Administration in smearing Ambassador Wilson and his wife. Atrios has posted some very good material. I'll have more to say in a post tomorrow.