Sunday, October 23, 2005

Media Whores Should Not be Trusted...

Just saw one of those right-wing media whores on C-Span attempting to smear Joe Wilson and discredit the Fitzgerald investigation. His argument: any kind of indictments for leaking classified information would be a bad day for American democracy since it would negatively impact on the ability of the media to operate freely.


What an argument to make at a time when we know that major news organizations acted as the propaganda arm of the Administration during the months leading up to the Iraq War.

As a result of the Judith Miller Affair we now know with certainty that more than a few prominent journalists can't be trusted. Many of them acted as spokespersons of the White House Iraq Group (WHIG). They prostituted themselves to sell the Iraq War to the American people.

I expect that the pundit I saw on C-Span this morning was working from "talking points" provided by the Republican National Committee. It's somewhat ironic that some of the same pundits who allowed themselves to be used as Administration propagandists are now concerned about a free press and the preservation of American democracy.