Saturday, October 22, 2005

Where are the Democrats?

Another brisk autumn morning here in New England. Beautiful foliage everywhere you look. On an early morning walk I was thinking about how this blog has evolved over the past two months.

I decided to publish The Katrina Memo in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Having worked with the anti-poverty program in Louisiana in the late Sixties and early Seventies I was very affected by what I saw on television. This blog is dedicated to keeping alive the social issues that surfaced after the hurricane.

I recognize that I'm still just a very small player in the Progressive Blogosphere. Nevertheless, it has been exciting to be part of the action.

Over the past two months we have seen profound changes on the national political scene. Corruption in the upper levels of the Republican Party has been exposed. There is clearly increased awareness of the issues of race and poverty. Americans are becoming more aware of how they were conned into supporting the Iraq War.

Progressive bloggers have greatly contributed to the changing political dialogue now under way. They deserve our continued support.

What has been noticeably missing is progressive leadership from the Democrats. These politicians need to read the polls and understand that this country is changing. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and Joe Biden should have the balls to call for an end to our involvement in Iraq.

We need to restore respect for America around the world. We need to put a new priority on taking care of the disadvantaged here at home. We need to make peace - not war. We badly need leaders who are willing to publicly promote these noble goals.

Must Read!

Maureen Dowd has a most interesting op ed piece in today's NYT. Unfortunately it's only avialable online to TimesSelect subscribers. Go here for Steve Gilliard's anaylsis.