Monday, October 17, 2005

Meet the "new" Harriet Miers...

The White House will be re-introducing Harriet Miers to the American people this week. CNN labels this relaunch as a "mulligan"... a reference to that free shot we golf duffers give ourselves when we screw-up. Obviously, the first impressions of the Supreme Court nominee have left something to be desired.

An article in this mornings New York Times provides the broad outlines of the "new" Harriet Miers that we'll be meeting over the next few days. There will be more emphasis on her legal brilliance and less talk about her affectionate notes written over the years to George W. Bush. Expect to see less reference to her religious beliefs.

I'm still inclined to believe that her nomination is already permanently damaged. As Chuck Hagel has indicated, Americans want more than a "nice lady" on the Supreme Court. Maybe Harriet will confound all her critics when she gets to the Senate hearings.

And Ms. Miers deserves the opportunity to make the case for her own nomination before the United States Senate.


After reading this piece from the WSJ Opinion Journal I'm convinced that Harriet Miers is toast.