Friday, October 14, 2005

Harriet will not survive conservative onslaught...

There is one thing you can say with certainty about the conservative wingnuts: when they go after someone they can be mean-spirited. Look what they've done to Harriet Miers over the past few days.

Yesterday on the Op Ed page of the New York Times David Brooks implied that this woman couldn't write coherent English. Warmonger-in-Chief Bill Kristol wants her dumped immediately. (This is the same guy who publicly demanded that Bush show loyalty to his pal John Bolton.) Kristol implies that dumping Miers would give the President the opportunity to select an intelligent person. Blatant sexism on the part of Kristol, Brooks and the rest of them.

The right-wing nuts have portrayed Miers as nothing more than a two-bit secrectary with an obsession for detail. One even went so far as to describe her as a "comical selection."

Now I'm no friend of the Bush Administration. But I hate to see a decent woman trashed the way this woman has been trashed.

My prediction is that Harriet Miers will not survive the onslaught from the wingnuts. Today's NYT has this complimentary piece. But this will not be enough. She's already seriously damaged.


For insightful comments on the "civil war" within the conservative movement read this post by Billmon.