Thursday, November 30, 2006

Iraq and Wishful Thinking...

I spent a couple of days earlier this week in the Mid-West on a consulting trip. A refreshing experience to hear the views of those down-to-earth Mid-Westerners on current issues.

I was surprised how many agreed with me that the current discussion of the Iraq situation by the Beltway 500 is way out of touch with what is really happening on the ground right now in Iraq. Many of the pundits seem to be engaged in wishful thinking.

One old friend in Detroit told me he expected the Green Zone to be attacked within weeks. Others predicted a major assassination in the near future. Most think Malaki will not be around much longer.

Anyway, if you don't share this pessimistic assessment you can always tune into your local cable news station to get assurance that we'll accomplish our mission within another 24 months. Actually it is the same prediction you've heard for the past 3's just that the date for "mission accomplished" keeps changing.