Friday, November 17, 2006

Another fallen hero...

Photo shows the coffin of Marine Cpl. Michael H. Lasky, 22, of Sterling, Alaska, arriving at Arlington National Cemetery in the back of a pickup truck as his family requested.

More than 2,800 US service members have died in Iraq since the beginning of the US invasion in March 2003.

All the post-election talk about an exit strategy is getting replaced with talk of sending another 20,000 troops. I'm not a military person but I keep wondering what difference 20,000 soldiers would make in a disintegrating country the size of Iraq.

In meantime, Lieberman was on NBC this morning reasserting that we can't "cut-and-run" because we would be giving Iraq to the terrorists. (He was defeated in the Democratic Primary in Connecticut but he's still the media's favorite Democrat.)
(Photo: Gerald Martineau / The Washington Post)