Friday, November 10, 2006

The Mainstream Media: Fair and Balanced?

Several years ago, Fox Cable News, in an effort to convince gullible Americans that they were not a propaganda news organization, coined the slogan "Fair and Balanced." Problem is that it is not just Fox Cable News that dishes up slanted news.

Over the years I have come to expect that the Sunday talk shows would be somehow reflective of the political mood in the country. The mood at this time, as reflected in the mid-term elections last Tuesday, is against "staying the course" in Iraq. So guess who NBC's Meet the Press will feature next Sunday? No it won't be Jim Webb or Nancy Pelosi.

One of the two Senators appearing Sunday will be John McCain. He's one of the two Senators who led the fight in the U.S. Senate for the vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq. He's also the guy who is now recommending that we send another 100,000 of our young men and women to Iraq.

The other Senator is "Holy Joe" Lieberman. He's the other Senator who led the fight in the U.S.Senate for the vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq. By the way, he's also in favor of military action against Iran.

Now why would NBC provide a forum for the two leading war-mongers from the U.S. Senate just days after the American people indicated that they were sick of this war? Would it have anything to do with the fact that General Electric, the parent company of NBC, benefits from the war? Just a thought. What do you think?