Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A word about Michael J. Fox...

Michael J. Fox has emerged as a major voice in the closing days before the mid-term elections. Ironically, Rush Limbough has helped put him in the national spotlight.

I strongly support the right of disabled individuals to speak out in favor of any kind of research that can possibly lead to cures. My older brother suffered most of his adult life because of a spinal injury. In our society too often the disabled are out of sight...and out of mind. I consider the television appearances by Michael J. Fox to be a gift to the American people. Of course people have a right to disagree with him on the morality of stem cell research.

One more thing. When I managed a psychiatric half-way house back in the 1970's I quickly discovered that many residents hated to take the psychotropic drugs that were prescribed. The reason: it resulted in physical symptoms such as shaking that they did not like. Rush Limbough has obviously a lot to learn about the impact of certain drugs on human behavior.