Sunday, July 23, 2006

More bombs and aviation fuel for Israel...

According to yesterdays New York Times, the U.S. is speeding up bomb deliveries to Israel. That will go over big with Middle Eastern governments.

In the meantime the carnage continues in Iraq. The situation is just about out of control.

And to make sure we have a strong voice in the U.N. the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are planning to have NeoCon John Bolton officially confirmed.

That's enough bad news for one morning.

Maybe I should mention that they are going to hold a peace conference in Italy but they are not going to invite the major players. Condi should have just gone to London and had a chat with the "puddle" himself. Looks like it is just Bush and Blair calling the shots. Now that's a scary thought when you consider how little Bush knows about foreign policy.

My thought is that when things get really bad they can only get better.


Warning: This post by Billmon is very graphic

Update #2:

This post by James Wolcott brought tears to my eyes.