Saturday, July 15, 2006

Death and destruction in Lebanon...

As I watch the destruction of Lebanon I feel total sadness.

After a most destructive civil war the resourceful people of Lebanon were in the process of rebuilding their country. Now the Israeli's are systematically destroying the infrastructure with bombs and jets provided compliments of the American taxpayer. Those Lebanese who have the resources are scrambling to flee the country.

George Bush makes a feeble request to the Israeli's to stop bombing civilians and then joins the Israeli's in playing the blame game.

In the meantime, the Shiites in Iraq are threatening to take revenge for what is happening in Lebanon. This could be bad news for our troops in Iraq.

There was a time when America made some pretense of acting like an honest broker in the Middle East. Bill Clinton abandoned the idea of pretending to be neutral. Now Bush has taken it a step further by acting as a cheerleader for the Israelis.

Your tax dollars at work!