Saturday, March 18, 2006

Understanding what motives terrorists...

Last night I had the opportunity to see in Boston a play called Talking with Terrorists. Written be Robin Soans, it was first produced in London last April.

The play left me thinking that our "war on terrorism" may be based on some rather simplistic notions about terrorists as evil people. Its helpful to understand where they are coming from.

Talking with Terrorists resonates with the voices of children growing up in parallel worlds of economic deprivation and powerlessness. Of people tortured for crimes unknown except for being the voice of the other side. Voices lost in the political, diplomatic and military maelstrom. Angry voices, cold voices, heartbreaking voices and often chilling voices.

The play addresses some highly controversial political issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It attempts to understand what makes and motivates "terrorists."

Produced by the Sugan Theatre Company, a small theatre in the South End, it provides a pretty intense two-hour experience. I'll recommend it to friends.