Saturday, March 11, 2006

Top Bush aide arrested...

Left Blogistan this morning is buzzing about the news that a top White House aide had resigned because he was caught shoplifting. Claude Allen was Bush's senior advisor on domestic policy. He was a strong promoter of conservative Christian values. Earlier this year Allen was arrested for a scam that involved stealing $5,000 from a Target store. His White House salary was $161,000.

Allen chaired a special White House Task Force that was set-up to respond to Hurricane Katrina. At one time Bush had nominated him to a Federal Appeals Court but he didn't get the "up and down" vote from the Republican dominated Senate.


More depressing news. Tom Fox, an American Christian pacifist was found near a west Baghdad railway line with gunshots to his head and chest. There were cuts on his body and bruises on his head.

Word of Fox's killing came as four people - including an Iraqi journalist and a human rights activst - died in drive-by shootings on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the White House announced that President Bush would be delivering a series of speeches next week explaining how well things are going in Iraq. Talk about a tough sell!