Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thanks for the critical feedback...

In a comment yesterday, Rex From Tex has some interesting advice on what should be the focus of this blog. He correctly points out that there are many interesting issues arising out of the hurricane disaster that deserve serious discussion. I completely agree.

Just off the top I can think of several questions that deserve examination. For example, why did it take six months for the leaders of the House of Representatives to make it to New Orleans? What impact will the changed demographics of the city have on the upcoming mayoral election? What about all those bodies that are unaccounted for? Should the government be responsible for the damage caused by the levee breaks?

Clearly, there are lots of issues that deserve examination.

Here is the problem. Publishing a blog is A LOT OF WORK! As a self-employed management consultant I have to devote considerable energy to just making a living. Frankly, I wish I could devote full time to this blog. I would be able to do the kind of things that Rex From Tex referenced in his thoughtful comment.

What I've learned is that most people who visit progressive blogs expect something to be posted every day. If a week passes without some new material posted the traffic will drop off. I've been tempted to go to posting once or twice a week but I know there is a downside to this approach.

I have also thought about inviting several people to become blog contributors. One of my favorite blogs - Firedoglake - publishes fresh material several times each day...but that blog has two contributors.

Anyway, I appreciate all the feedback. In retrospect I believe the comment I posted on Friday was somewhat defensive. Chalk it up to the winter blues.