Wednesday, March 01, 2006

And Gretna celebrates Mardi Gras...

Photo:Susan Poag/Times-Picayune

Nice weather plus lots of sunshine equaled a near perfect Mardi Gras day for the crowds which lined Franklin Ave. in Gretna to watch the 59th annual Grela and 71st annual Choctaw parades.


Celebration of Mardi Gras in not limited to New Orleans. Many cities and towns along the Gulf Coast have their own celebration.

Pas Christian, one of the most devastated towns on the Mississippi coast had a small parade yesterday. Most communities choose to hold parades despite the devastation from Katrina.

I caught some of the coverage on CNN. They did a good job of putting the celebrations in perspective. The consensus is that Mardi Gras provided good therapy...and gave people some renewed energy for the challenges they face.