Thursday, February 23, 2006

Changing of the guard at Harvard...

Surrounded by students and journalists, Lawrence H. Summers announced his resignation Tuesday as president of Harvard University. (Photo: Rick Friedman / The New York Times.


One reader had a sarcastic comment about my report on the resignation of Dr. Summers earlier this week. This particular person was pissed-off because I had mis-spelled the name of the Harvard President. My apologies. It was just an innocent mistake!

There are all kinds of theories about why Somers decided he had better take a walk. I don't want to get into any of that shit. I do know from my limited experience as a faculty member at a major university that a university president must have the confidence of faculty if they are to be effective. Somers did not have broad faculty support. And student support counts for nothing!

University administrators like to think that they run the university. Not true. It's the faculty that ultimately calls the shots. That's though to take if you have an ego the size of Dr. Somers.