Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bomb rocks Shiite shrine in Samarra...

One of the most revered shrines in Shiite Islam was bombed early this morning, causing the collapse of its dome, police and eyewitnesses said. There was no immediate estimate of casualties in the latest in a series of sectarian attacks in the country.

The shrine in Samarra, a predominantly Sunni Arab city 60 miles north of Baghdad, contains the remains of two of Shiite Islam's most prominent Imams. The bomb is believed to have been planted a day earlier, said Capt. Basheer Qadoori, of the city's police force.

This article in today's Guardian (UK) provides additional details.

This bombing represents a serious development in sectarian conflict. Iraq may be sinking into a fully fledged civil war. This is the nightmare scenario that many people have feared.