Monday, March 06, 2006

Members of Congress visit Katrina devastated areas...

Photo: John McCusker/Times-Picayune

A congressional delegation, including the House Speaker and minority leader, tours the Ninth Ward. The group were on a three-day tour of devastated communities.


When I visited New Orleans in late November I became convinced that there is no substitute for seeing first-hand the damage caused by Katrina. I'm glad some members of Congress finally made the trip to the Gulf Coast.


I've just heard a report on CNN that the search for bodies in the Lower Ninth Ward has resumed. This in anticipation of the bulldozing of some houses. The search was suspended in November because of the lack of funds. One body was found in the attic of a house yesterday.

Makes one sick to realize that they are finding bodies more than six months after the hurricane. And this is in America. Is it any wonder that the African-American community is angry? Compare what happened to the victims in the Lower Ninth Ward to the response to the 9/11 attack in NYC.