Saturday, November 26, 2005

The New Deep South...

Monroe, LA - This city 300 miles north of New Orleans is the heart of redneck Bible Belt country. When I spent two years here in the early sixties this was as segregated a city as you could find in the Deep South. The "colored only" signs were still to be seen in public facilities.

Monroe now has a black Mayor...and that's progress. A tribute to Rosa Parks and others who fought in the struggle for racial equality.

Last evening I had the opportunity to visit two old friends that I had first gotten to know when I first arrived in Louisiana. We talked about race relations. We talked about Katrina. We talked politics.

This morning I am traveling south to Baton Rouge. After an overnight visit I'll be on my way to New Orleans.

I'll be reporting on this journey of discovery in future posts after I return to Massachusetts.