Thursday, April 13, 2006

Little progress in New Orleans...

In New Orleans' devastated Lower Ninth Ward, bodies are still being found, but answers are not as easy to come by.

After all these months not much has changed. Hurricane season is just around the corner and the levees are still not repaired. And now there is talk of another multi-billion dollar war...this time against Iran.

Photo: Ozier Muhammad / The New York Times


On a more positive note: The Bush administration yesterday proposed spending an additional $2.5 billion for New Orleans levee construction and simultaneously issued long-awaited building guidelines for the flood-prone region that would require rebuilding many heavily damaged homes at least three feet above the ground.

With tens of thousands of homes awaiting reconstruction, the move could resolve an impasse over how to rebuild the low-lying metropolis. Uncertainty over the levees has left home owners unsure about whether to rebuild and how high houses should stand to avoid damage from future flooding