Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tom DeLay takes his leave...

Have been following the Tom DeLay PR offensive over the past 24 hours. Sure didn't know the man was so religious. Even fasted before making his divinely-inspired decision to leave behind the world of politics. This "good" God-fearing man has practically been canonized by leaders of the religious right.

If you have been following the Abramoff scandal you know that DeLay's people were up to their eyeballs in graft and corruption. Two of his top people have already been indicted. It's alledged that a "criminal enterprise" was operated out of DeLay's office.

And there he was telling Wolf Blitzer that all his problems could be traced to the evil left-wing Democrats. I feel sorry for all those devout Christians who have been taken-in by one of the most greedy, self-centered, arrogant and hateful politicians ever to set foot in Washington.

Word is he's going to hit the speakers' circuit to promote conservative Christianity. I expect he might have to do a little time in a Federal "monastery" before that happens.


Here is a comment I found over at Daily Kos:

"Tom DeLay has proven himself, without any doubt to be the antithesis of a Christian, he is the the proverbial Pharisee and Moneychanger that Jesus had to throw out of the Temple.

How vile Tom DeLay is to use the good Christian people of our beloved Country for his own gain and political purposes, and he is still using God as a prop in his evil game. "

By: dapper on April 05, 2006 at 04:10am