Monday, April 03, 2006

We need zero tolerance for racism in the progressive blogosphere...

Visitors to this blog will be surprised to find over fifty comments to my most recent post. In that post I had referenced the fact that I had gotten BANNED at AmericaBlog.

Here are a few additional thoughts.

First, I agree with the person who commented that we should have zero tolerance to all expressions of racism in the progressive blogosphere. The expressions of outrage to what John Aravosis had written at AmericaBlog last Friday night were perfectly justified. In just a few entences John succeeded in putting down the National Organization for Women, the NAACP, Harry Balafonte and Congresswoman McKinney. Again, I'll say I was shocked to read what he wrote.

Having taken issue with John for the racist content of what he posted last Friday night I recognize John's right to ban anybody he wishes from posting comments on his site. It is his blog. However, I don't think it makes good sense. (I understand banning certain right-wing trolls who are only interested in sabotaging the discussion.) What people like about the progressive blogs is the opportunity to engage in the "conversation." If you can't participate, why visit?

One final thought. Some of the comments over at AmericaBlog in response to what John wrote were downright mean and personal. I found some of the references to his personal life objectionable. Not helpful. When we engage in this kind of activity we are only imitating the behavior of right-wing hatemongers like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin.

Hopefully, we have all learned something useful from this whole experience.


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