Monday, July 07, 2008

Celebrating the 4th in Dublin...

A friend sent an email asking if it felt different celebrating July 4th outside the United States. The answer is a very definite "yes." I missed the Boston and DC concerts and the fireworks. Did get together with the "Democrats Abroad" group in Dublin for a barbeque. It may have been the rain that dampened our spirits!

The good news is that there was great tennis at Wimpledon for tennis fans. First there was the women's final on Saturday with Serena and Venus Williams. And the men's final on Sunday may have been the best game played a Wimpledon for many years. A most memorable weekend of tennis on television.

I managed to switch off on politics this weekend. I expect as the Democratic Convention approaches I'll start to become engaged again.

Last week I had a visitor from Massachusetts and she is a die-hard Hillary Clinton fan. For the first time I got a genuine sense of how Hillary supporters feel.