Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Talk...

This morning I watched Vice President Cheney on Face the Nation. The guy seems to be totally delusional. Same old rant about 9/11 and the "terrorists" who want to destroy our American way of life. Fortunately, this was a much better interview than the so-called interviews of Cheney conduced by Russert over at Meet the Press.

Speaking of Meet the Press, I saw part of the panel discussion on Imus. Was greatly impressed by the performance of Gwen Ifill. I found the discussion of Imus over at ABC (This Week) to be superficial with the usual stereotypes of the African-American community. George Will is a pompous racist jerk. He was obviously upset over the fact that Imus got the boot.

I have finally concluded that ignorance is at the root of racism by people like George Will. They don't see anything wrong with using the public airwaves to ridicule, demonize and make fun of others. And it's not just racist comments. When Rush made fun of a man suffering from MS (Michael J. Fox) there was no negative consequences. That ugly bastard should have been kicked off the radio for ridiculing a handicapped person.

Am I missing the "humor" of all the stuff that is been spewed out on Hate Radio?