Thursday, April 12, 2007

The problem of hate speech on the radio...

Check out this post for an introduction to the young women from Rutgers that were the target of comments by Don Imus and his gang. An impressive group!

MSNBC has decided to drop Imus. A lot has changed in the media landscape in recent years but Corporate America is still uncomfortable about having their products associated with hate speech.

I share the view that the PUBLIC AIRWAVES should not be used to spew out hatred and bigotry of any kind. The professional hate-mongers make millions at the expense of others. In the process they are like a cancer eating away at all that is best about American culture.

In fairness it needs to be pointed out that Don Imus is not one of the worst offenders when it comes to hate speech on the radio. People like Rush Limbough and Michael Savage serve up a daily diet of hateful speech. What I'm suggesting is that the problem of hate speech on the radio is much larger than Imus.