Monday, February 19, 2007

Should Hillary Clinton be punished for supporting the war?

Lots of debate going on in Left Blogistan about Hillary Clinton's decision not to apologise for her vote in support of the invasion of Iraq four years ago.

Senator Clinton, in refusing to apologize for her support of the war, believes we should now focus on the FUTURE and on getting the troops out of that meat grinder that Iraq has become. This past weekend she seemed to smackdown those looking for an apology.

How will of this play out for Senator Clinton over the next few months? I'm inclined to think that as the situation deteriorates in Iraq Hillary is going to find herself under more pressure from the anti-war activists. Where does she turn for support? Maybe she can run a Lieberman-style campaign dumping a lot of money into the effort to convince voters that she really wants to bring the troops home ASAP.

I expect we will know by Labor Day whether the Clinton campaign have a winning or a loosing strategy. What do you think?