Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith...May she rest in peace...

This has not been a good week for women in the media. The week began with the mainstream media claiming that Nancy Pelosi was demanding a transcontinential jet to take her back and forth to San Francisco. If any of the reporters involved had taken Journalism 101 they should have known that this was misinformation. The person requesting the transportation was a member of the Senate staff responsible for such issues...not Mrs. Pelosi.

And then we had the media hysteria over a woman who is part of the NASA program having what may have been a psychotic break. The whole episode was a reminder to me that most in the mainstream media have little empathy or understanding for human fragility. And there is no consideration of the children involved.

And now we have the story about Anna Nicole. You know they are going to go ballistic over this story. They'll milk it for everything they can get out of it. Maybe someone will do a story about the scumbags who exploited this woman at every opportunity.

Update (Friday Morning):

All the television networks are all over the Nicole Smith story this morning. And the cable news channels now have All-Nicole-All-The-Time programming. We are not going to hear much about what is happening to our soldiers in Iraq for the next few days.