Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mayor of Boston is pissed...

If you live in the New England area you know we had a major "terrorism crisis" in Boston yesterday. Highways were closed. Trains were cancelled. All of this because someone spotted something funny/unusual under a highway.

Not supprisingly, the anti-terrorism forces went to work immediately. As the day went on they were blowing up strange packages all over town.

We now know that the weird objects that were the focus of so much attention had been placed at various locations as part of some kind of promotional campaign.

My reaction is that we may have taken this anti-terrorism business too far. Do we need to shut down a city because someone spots a strange package? Did someone really think that Osama Bin Laden had something to do with these strange objects?

I understand why the Mayor of Boston is pissed over what happened yesterday morning. However, he and his colleagues in government might usefully examine their response to that unidentified object under the bridge. Maybe when it comes to terrorism, we all should chill out!