Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lebanon and the Katrina Response...

After I read that Hezbollah had responded to the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon by immediately assuring homeless victims of the war that they would have $10,000 in aid within 72 hours I immediately thought about the FEMA response last August in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast.

The television images this evening on the network news shows of Hezbollah social workers contacting families who had lost their homes brought back images of what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Within 24 hours of the ceasefire Hezbollah was out with bulldozers and documenting the names of families who needed assistance. Remember how Bush was playing his guitar while New Orleans drowned.

I'm not the only commentator who came up with the idea that FEMA should send some people to southern Lebanon to study Hezbollah techniques for responding to a humanitarian crisis. I know that is not a serious suggestion since I know that the Bush Administration believes that Hezbollah has been destroyed in the war that ended earlier this week.