Sunday, August 06, 2006

Our failed Middle East foreign policy...

After watching Condi on one of the TV talk shows this morning I became even more depressed about the possibility of a resolution of the Israeli-Lebanon War.

Condi seemed to suggest that passing a UN resolution would solve the problem...even if the Lebanonese government was not on board to support the resolution.

This morning Condi seemed to have nothing to offer but the usual NeoCon talking points about Hezbollah. Israel has practically destroyed a country and displaced over a million people because THREE soldiers were captured. And Condi insists on putting all the blame on Hezbollah.

The Bush Administration keeps insisting that a robust international force is needed on the south Lebanese border. But what country is going to want to send in troops without some kind of approval from Hezbollah.

Not much to be cheerful about this morning.