Wednesday, June 28, 2006

American workers getting screwed...

Photo shows Darwin Cooper, a worker at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant in Lordstown, Ohio, standing next to the Cobalt assembly line on Wednesday June 21, 2006.

By last Friday's deadline, about 35,000 hourly workers, more than a quarter of GM's blue-collar US workforce, agreed to leave the ailing automaker, in one of the largest buyouts in history.

A few years ago I provided consultation to a company that provided parts to GM and other automobile producers. The jobs are now gone. Some have found low-paying jobs working with Wal-Mart or some other retail outlet. Most are just spending their time thinking about how they have been cheated out of the American dream.

While there is much outrage about illegal immigrants taking the jobs of American workers there seems little concern about all those jobs that are getting shipped oversees. In the meantime, the gap between the very rich and the very poor keeps widening in American society.

(Photo: Mark Stahl / AP)