Saturday, June 24, 2006

FBI whipping up hysteria about terrorism?

I guess it's about time to get another one of those scary terrorism stories...since we no longer have those color-coded warnings to scare the bejebus out of us.

Anyway, that story about a group of "terrorists" in Miami seems designed to remind us about bad guys coming to destroy us. Turns out these individuals are not Muslims but members of some kind of cult group. (If groups of young blacks who are angry with the system are the "new terrorists" then we have them in every large American city).

I suspect the FBI informant played a lead role in encouraging group members to come up with big plans to blow up buildings. Back in the Sixties we used to refer to this kind of activity as "entrapment."

Anyway, read what Juan Cole has to say and you'll be able to draw your own conclusions.


Yesterday, at a political fundraiser in Illinois, VP Cheney said these young dudes in Miami constituted "a very great treat" to the American people. It's pretty clear the Republicans will try to again use the fear factor in the mid-term elections.