Monday, December 12, 2005

Telling New Orleans to "get lost"...

This past weekend I promised myself I would take a break from blogging. Posting new material each day is a challenge...especially since this is not my day job. (Amost 14o posts since this blog was launched three months ago). I'm looking to add one or two contributors in the New Year. More about that later. I'd be particularly interested in someone who would do a "Week in Review" piece on Friday's or Saturday's. Send an email if interested.

Anyway, despite good intentions, I did found myself surfing my favorite blogs and news sites this weekend. Couldn't help noticing this editorial in the New York Times.

The NYT editors say what I've been saying for several weeks: Let's not forsake our beloved city of New Orleans. Let's hold Bush to his promises. Read the editorial ... and post your comments.


Read this post from Think Progress and you'll be trully depressed...or angry!!!