Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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You'll notice that I generally don't post comments on the case involving the outing of a CIA agent. The blog I visit to stay up-to-date on this fascinating but complicated case in Firedoglake. The two women that contribute are simply the best! Both Jane and ReddHedd understand the legal intricacies and share their insights with their growing audience. Worth a visit...


The drowning of New Orleans is a tragedy that keeps giving. Just heard on CNN that two more bodies were found in the Gentilly section. This is an area that I visited last weekend and is already moving into the reconstruction phase. In this case, people had come in to gut the house and found the bodies of an elderly couple.

Correction: I just learned that the bodies of the elderly couple in Gentilly were discovered by a neighbor who had returned to New Orleans to check on her damaged home.