Saturday, December 24, 2005

Random Thoughts on Christmas Eve...

It's a beautiful morning here in what is known as the Merrimack Valley in northeastern Massachusetts. Having lived in the Deep South earlier in my career I can appreciate the mild weather.

I'm looking forward to an annual pre-Christmas dinner this evening with my friends Diane, Jack and Joan. A real home-cooked meal by Joan will be a great treat! Jack and I may end up impeaching the President for malfeasance in office!!

Earlier today as I strolled through downtown Haverhill I had a few random thoughts that I would like to share.

Last night on Hardball Andrea Mitchell seemed to be promoting the idea of regime change in Syria. Scary shit! Looks to me like the Neo-Cons may want to go beyond Iraq in promoting "democracy" in the Middle East.

I've been wondering if VP Cheney really believes that snooping on American citizens has saved America from terrorist attacks since 9/11. This guy does seem to be the dark evil character that Maureen Dowd has been speaking about lately.

My prediction is that the NY Yankees will win the World Series this year...and they'll do it with a player they "stole" from the Red Sox. Who says history does not repeat itself!

Speaking of sports, my prayers go out to the Dungy family this weekend. Having had a member of my family commit suicide I have some appreciation of the terrible hurt they are all experiencing.

Tomorrow, I'll celebrate Christmas with members of the Project Hope community in Dorchester. It will be a privledge to spend time with a group of women who do such wonderful work for families in need.

Happy Holidays everyone!