Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What happened in New Hampshire?

The polls predicted a double-digit Obama win. During the last few days the crowds at the Obama events were twice as large as Clinton events. A friend who worked as a volunteer for Obama told me the excitement leading up to the the election was extraordinary. She compared it to the energy that surrounded the RFK campaign during the final days of his campaign. What happened?

Some are already saying that Hillary's emotional breakdown may have contributed. But would her tears be viewed favorably since she is running for the position of Commander-in-Chief?

I notice in reading comments in the progressive blogs that some are questioning the validity of the results. Suspicions regarding the voting machines.

I believe that the most likely explanation between the poll predictions and the outcome has to do with latent racism. I have done some work as a consultant in the North Country and many of the folks there are as conservative as you'll find anywhere in the Deep South.

Anyway, Barack Obama has his work cut out for himself. The Clinton Machine is only getting started. I hope he is wearing his flak jacket.


I have a feeling this election is going to get nasty. Check out this Op Ed in todday's New York Times.